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String replacement?

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My string looks fine right now but I was just curious how often you guys change your strings?
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I've got Vapor Trails on my Ultratec and Winners Choice on the HC. Both are working well, but I'm interested in "Crackers" for my next set. He goes by " Bucknasty " on AT if I'm not misstaken..?

QQQ..Do you send your bow to him to have them strung or just do them yourselves, pro shop, whatever..? I've heard he does an excellent job of setting your bow to spec's at the same time. Anyone have experience with him and his product?

BTW, I only change out strings/cable when the old one's show wear or excessive stretching...If it aint broke I don't fix it. BT
" No Crackers and Bucknasty are 2 different people. "

Ooops, good to know! Thanks for the clarification!

When I replaced the factory strings on the UT with Vapor Trails, I lost poundage...4 or 5 #'s. A lot in a 10# range, I feel.
It seem's to be timed properly and shoots well, but I'd like someone like Crackers, to tune it the next time it's due for strings.

I like it that the Ross bows come with a top flight string and cable set right out of the gate. BT
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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