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Summit Treestands customer service

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I thought I would share the experience that a buddy of mine had.
He had a Summit Cobra that was at least 5 years old break on him while he was in the tree. Luckily he made it down without falling.
He kept saying that he needed to buy a new one. I told him to call Summit and tell them what had happen and see what they do.
I e-mailed them for him and they sent a brand new one with the harness and all. Awesome customer service!! I am glad I have a Summit. :(
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:( i believe there who i'm gonna go with this fall
Thankfully I have never needed to use their CS but I'm glad to know they stand behind their great products. :(
I had a seat/climber part bend out of shape on an old Summit stand. It was usable, just difficult so I called to ask about buying a new one. The replaced for free with an updated model. :(
Good to hear your buddy didn't get hurt and that Summit stood behind the product :(
Good stuff right there. :(
They are the best there is. I own nothing but their stands
That is good to hear as I just signed up to be a Summit dealer. :(
Great CS. Best part is they are made here in BAMA
Doublelung said:
That is good to hear as I just signed up to be a Summit dealer. :(
You will not be sorry.

I have dealt with Tim Brewer (of Summit) a few times and he is a lot like Mike Osborne. An awesome man who stands behinds his company's products and reputation.
I purchased a Summit Goliath last season and used it more than any climber I have ever had. Quiet, comfortable, light weight, and now I find out they have customer service like this...... :) :) :) :) :)
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