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JUNIOR said:
how is that one holding up mark it has to have 15,000 shots in it? :( awesome targets
I was wondering the same, JUNIOR!!! That target has took
alot of arrows and still looking good!!! :(

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target bags

I have a morrell bag target n my garage, a third hand bag that you fill with clothes or plastic behind my 2-d elk target, excelsior bale as my outdoor target and at least 35 2-d and 3-d targets in my backyard. Out of all of them I like the excelsior bale the best. We have been shooting it for the past 4 years two or three times a year we pour some water on it and it expands and is as good as new. For broadheads we use old rinehart cores that the local 3-d range throws away each year to shoot at. We had a "block" target to shoot broadheads into but that lasted about 100 shots and was done (don't like the mess).

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WOW, I am interested.......

The website won't come up for me......

Can you tell more about the dimensions?

I would like to find a local dealer as shipping would be off the chain.

Is the cover replaceable?

What is the center made from, does it leave shavings after a while?
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