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Shipping Company :FedEx,UPS,DHL.

Delivery Time : 2Days

Minimum Order : 1-100Unit

Delivery to any location

Serious Buyer's Contact Only

Email :- [email protected]

Carbon Express has a new line of crossbows out for 2015. Here is the official press release regarding the Covert 3SL crossbow. Looks like they made it a little lighter than last year. This crossbow also has other great features like being narrow, having good speed, and most importantly priced right. Check out the following from Carbon Express.

Flushing, MI- Carbon Express® would like to introduce a crossbow that has been designed to answer when called upon in the field. The 2015 Covert™ CX-3SL+ has all the makings of a high performance crossbow with truly unmatched reliability.

The CX-3SL+ delivers unstoppable performance, dependability and quality in a crossbow that's made to last. The CX-3SL+ features a lightweight, responsive stock design with a

Bull-Pup trigger for shorter overall length and a compact, powerful front end that is only

13.5” wide when cocked. This crossbow delivers awesome power, superior performance and shoots at an impressive 355 FPS.

Now weighing only 7.1 pounds, the 2015 CX-3SL+ features a thinner extruded barrel, lighter machined riser and lightweight ultra strong single post foot stirrup. The updated CX-3SL+ sports a CNC machined trigger box and is designed and assembled in the U.S.A. A modular Picatinny mounting system is complete with a folding fore grip for customized fit and increased accuracy. The anti-dry-fire mechanism with no-creep trigger achieves a clean break at a pull weight of just 3.5 lbs.

The CX-3SL+ offers a precision-engineered aluminum alloy cam set that provides maximum speed and kinetic energy. Tunable synthetic bow strings and power cables provide smooth, accurate shooting and extended performance. The Covert CX-3SL+ comes ready to hunt with factory-matched components for superior performance. The CX-3SL+ kit includes a rope cocker, 3 arrow quiver with lever action mount, 3 Mayhem® 20” crossbolts, rail lubricant, 3 practice points and a 4x32 deluxe lighted scope.


355 FPS

119 ft-lb of Kinetic Energy

175 lb Draw Weight

13.5” Power Stroke

7.1 lbs

34 ¼” Length

13.5” (Cocked) 17” (Uncocked)

14” Length of Pull

4 x 32 Deluxe Lighted Scope

Kryptek Highlander™ Camouflage

MSRP: $350.99

Serious Buyer's Contact Only

Email :- [email protected]

Whatsapp Chat : +442891637002

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