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Got my step dad's old PSE Brute Force out today and tuned it up a little. I believe it's a 95' or 96'. It was the beginning of the Speed age. I believe it's an IBO of 318. The draw really isn't that nice at all lol. It was something to shoot though, he's left handed and has a 29" draw length whcih is about 1/2" too long. Add that with an inch long loop and I'm pretty overdrawn but hey I'm not complaining. It's set at 62# and 29 inches, 318IBO shoot xx78 2213's. It is actually packing a pretty good punch. He only had 2 good arrows but I was grouping them about an inch apart. Which I thought was pretty good all things considered. You can tell it was a speed bow in its time, pretty loud and sizable hand shock. I think he's going to get some limbsavers and an S Coil stab which should help some. Heres a picture. Plz resize if needed!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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