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To change or not to change?

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I have been shooting the eason axis 340 with 125 gr spitfires and have had great success with this set up. I seem to always get mostly pass threws or great penatration. I never was into the speed thing. Do I stay with the old saying if it isn't broke don't fix it? My new Cardiac is set on 65lb and I shot it through the crono and got 257fps. I shot my friends 55/75 goldtips with 100 gr tips and got 269. Is it really worth changing for 12 fps. I kinda always liked the heavier punch out of an arrow rather than with the lghter with more speed. I know bottom line it will be my decision but I wondered what you all thought.
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if youre happy with the current set up why change?
If your setup works for you, then don't change it.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it
I agree, why change if it's works for you? :???: That being said, I like to tinker and am open to try something new. :sad:
I also use Axis 340's.....not changing anytime soon :(
some people may argue with me on this one but for hunting bows I have always liked 260 fps over a faster set up. quieter easier to tune and a heavier arrow from my experience seams to penetrate better.

10 fps ain't gonna help you for hunting untill you get way out in yardage and if you off by a few yards your gonna miss anyway.

fixed blade brosdheads are just better shooting for me at 260.

that being said. you want to shoot the arrow that is the most accurate. I have experimented with axis arrows and they do penetrate better in a target and are faster but the bow is louder and beman ics 400 will stack and the axis shoot fair but are not very forgiving. BRU
I think you got the message. If its not broke, dont sweat it. Speed isnt that important when hunting anyway.
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