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Took the 331 to Montana this last week,,,,

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will post a picture of me standing in a 'gopher' field shooting the Richardson ground squirrels.
The pastor at the church is a big bow hunter,,and kept asking about us shipping our bows out for the annual gopher hunting. Well, shipped a buddy's bow and my '06 Ross 331 out. Shot 17 gophers in less than 2 hours with Judo points. Fun,,although I'm hoping their was no 'plague' in the gophers we shot as the arrows usually go thru and get a full coating of 'body fluids'. The pastor was very impressed with my 331 as were the others. Such a "short" bow and it shoots like a "big" bow they said.
Pictures before the weekend ends.

Alan in GA
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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