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Click --> UBB TAG INSTRUCTIONS (posting urls, pics, ect...) <-- Click


ImageShack Image Uploader

You can use the ImageShack image uploader we have in replies!
You can upload an image for your post without leaving the forum. Easy instructions:

Click the
button and your computer files will pop up, click on
the image you want to place in your post, and then click
"host it!"
and a pop up will appear with the url & img tags
already on it!!

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Also, a place to upload your images, FREE!!!!

This is easy, but may not seem so the first time! We suggest members to go to
photobucket to upload images to use on the internet. They are simple and set it
up to use 3 ways.

First, go to, and join. After you join,
you click on the link that says, "my album", should be close to the top, right hand side!!
When you get to the next page, that is your album, where you upload your pics to.

You should see lightblue colored box on the right side and it should have above
it: "Upload Images & Video", below that, you should see a "Browse" button.

You click the "Browse" button and a box will pop up that shows the files on your
computer. You click on the file that has the image you want downloaded. Then you
click on the image in the file you want, then click the "Upload it" button, below
the "Browse" button and it will upload the image! When thats done, look at the image,
and below it, you will see how they have the image url for you to use 3 ways!




The Url is the one you want to hightlight & copy for the avatar!

The Img is the one you want to hightlight and copy for your signature!!

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Some helpful Links:

[*]Yahoo! Messenger[/*:m:20hn3o6c]
[*]AOL Instant Messenger (Win 2K/XP) - (Win98/ME)[/*:m:20hn3o6c]
[*]MSN Messenger[/*:m:20hn3o6c]
[*]Zonelabs ZoneAlarm (firewall software)[/*:m:20hn3o6c]
[*]IrfanView - for viewing/manipulating images[/*:m:20hn3o6c]
[*]Cablenut - tweaks your high-speed connection in Windows' registry[/*:m:20hn3o6c]
[*]X-setup - great Windows tweaking utility[/*:m:20hn3o6c]
[*]SmartFTP - excellent ftp program[/*:m:20hn3o6c]
[*]MS Malicious Software Tool[/*:m:20hn3o6c]
[*]WinLAME - MP3 encoder (convert CDs to MP3s, etc.)[/*:m:20hn3o6c][/list:u:20hn3o6c]Drivers
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