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ultra lites

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I just got a Cr337 the other day, for playing with on 3-d’s. It has 60lb limbs (maxes at 63LB) and my draw is 28.5. I have checked on GT ultra lites. Would that be a good choice to go lighter with, to try to get some more speed? Right now I’m shooting GT XT hunters at I think 8.9 gr per inch, and the ultra lites are 7.4 I think. All so what about an 85 grain points with them?

Or would there be a better choice.

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Carbon Express CXL 2 - 250
tobin01 said:
Doublelung said:
Carbon Express Maxima 250s
7.3 gr/in
Great arrow for sure but for 3D why not go with the CXL 2 or larger to get that fat shaft for those close calls :(
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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