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well just looking around at the forums and trying different bows and stuff.
So far I dont have any Ross dealers nearby that I can find. i did try a few friends bows as I am just getting a feel for different bows. i have shot 2 Ross but they are just too tuff of a draw (not sure of which models ) hopefully I can get a look at some different models as I may look at Ross for a second bow.
I am just getting into archery and with a damaged shoulder a smooth draw cycle is a must, and so far an XT will be my beginning bow to get my muscles in shape.

semobow said:
You are the first person I have heard say the ross draw cycle is not smooth. I think my 334 is smoother and easier to draw than a switchback my buddy has.
Yep me too,
I have never heard a Ross drawing hard.
Maybe they were set at a higher weight that you dont normally pull but all the Ross bows I have shot were the smoothest single cams I have got the chance to shoot.
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