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What arrows should I use?

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Hey everyone,
What arrows do you recommend for my Ross? I am shooting a 29 inch draw length and a 67 lb draw weight.
Right now I am shooting 29.5 inch Beman ICS Hunter 340s, but I feel these maybe underspined.
What spine and shafts do you think I should be shooting? Thanks.
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i shoot 29 inch draw with a W/B and my arrows are 27 3/4. are you shooting a fall away?

you should be able to shoot 400 spine with a shorter arrow. they should still work with your length with 400's

well i guess you should do what the chart says.

I just can't figure out how we are shooting the same DL and are way different on arrow length. another thing is point weight?

How far past the prongs are your arrows at full draw.

seams to me if you could get down to 28 inches you would be fine with 400's

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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