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What is the difference in shooting 5 spot and Vegas 3 spot?

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OK, I am a paper "newby"....
I have only played around in the garage and at the local base range with spot targets.
In fact, tomorrow I am going to shoot my first official indoors round to see how I do.

My question is what is the difference besides target types from NFAA 5 spot and Vegas 3 spot?
Are the organizations, leagues, or clubs that ONLY shoot one or the other?
Does one have more restrictions than the other?
Which ones have the most shoots coast to coast?
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by now I reckon you have the answers... I've only shot one indoor 5 spot, it was different, I'm hooked:) We have a "shoot your way across Texas" (SWAT) where you travel to tournaments and your best 3 or 5 scores are accumulated to qualify you for shooter of the year. It seems that there are a lot of these shoots and I enjoyed it better than 3d (I'm old and have problems judging distance). Vegas is the only one with the "Vegas 3 spot" made it famous....don't know how much of this info. is fact, but hope it helps...was so hooked, bought some of the 5 spots and shot random practice sessions in the yard to see how I was progressing. I really enjoy it and hope you have had success...waiting on next season.
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