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What type of fletching do you use???

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What type of fletching do you shoot? Also what color? And why do you shoot that type?
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Blazers, Blazers, and more Blazers.............for target and hunting.

BUT, I recently bought FOBs and I might never fletch again. :)
Red Blazers but you know that. Tried to switch to blue vanes at one point but you know how superstitious baseball players can be. Never shot a good arrow with the blue vanes. Went back to red and started shooting good again.
I forgot to add my fletching. I was shooting orange blazers with orange nocks. But I have a tendency to watch my arrows in flight and when I do I shoot low and to the right. So I'm switching back to dark purple with black nocks. Not sure if I'm going to use blazers, V-maxx 3 inch or AAE max hunters.
tom i forgot to tell ya yesterday i found one of your bullets laying in the yard i leaned it against that one tree there at 50 yrd mark i think
Blazers, two orange, one white.
blazers 2 red 1 white
I usually shoot all white Blazers but I am trying white 4 inch feathers right now. I will probably stick with the Blazers.
Blazers - not too particular as far as colors go.
Blazers in 2 schemes....

2 Orange, one white
2 Red, one white

I have some Hot Rod 250s with Blazers I shoot for speed when the chrono comes out

I also like these I made up

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Blazers 90% of the time. Shoot 4" flex fletch for IBO hunters class 3D.

I shoot blazers, I was shooting all neon orange but now I have those plus some white and yellow with some great looking Ross arrow wraps.
3 white blazers with white nocks is all i ever use :(
blazers, color is whatever i feel in the mood for.

CE maxima 350s

im partial to neon orange and neon green
Blazers, Flo Pink and Flo Orange. I don't care if they can see em, they still gotta hit em. :sad:
i should have bought stock in bohning to many people shooting blazers but add me to the list i guess thy fly to good not to shoot them, any color is fine, but i am trying 3inch feathers right now to maybe hunt with :) hurry up september
i usually use all the same colors either blazer veins or 4in gateway feathers. i use either orange or all white with white wraps. these ROSS bows are tough on fletchings with the tite groups they shoot so i have been practicing a lot with feathers here lately. :( :(
feathers is the only way to fly.

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