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Who is #1 ?

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Stix ~ I followed that thread most of the day. Its flat out hillarious. There are so many biased opinions on there that its comical that they think people would actually believe them. I dont care what the blowies say, Hoyt and Mathews are probably close to being both #1. Sales are relative to where you live. Some places Mathews is real big, others its Hoyt. Around here, lotsa Hoyts. Up north, lotsa Mathews.

I will say this ~ 5 years from now, Ross will be right there with them.
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will it does not matter to me who is the biggest or sells the most . ROSS is the best bow i have ever shot and if they keep goin the way they are going it will be the only bow that i will ever shoot :grin: :grin: :grin:
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