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Wisconsin Bear

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On September 7th I arrowed a 332lb field dressed black bear sow in northern WI.
Shot it with my Ross CR334 with a carbon express 200 tipped with a 100g magnum slick trick broadhead.
The bear gave me a perfect quartering away angle and the bear went about 60 yards and done!
I would post a picture but not sure on how the picture posting works on this site? Dosent appear to be what Im used to say like on archery talk.
I will try to get one of my kids to help me post a picture! Sad when a 13 or 16 year old has to help with computer skills :) ! But...what can I say...Electronic stuff isnt my thing!
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Congrats on the Bear

If you use, you can load it there and insert the link to show it.

If not, email it to me and I will post it for you.

[email protected]
bloodtrail1's Bear taken with a Ross 334

Here ya go Gents:

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Thanks mdewitt for posting the pic for me!!
no problem Bro,

It's a pretty nice bear.
I see a couple of mounts on the wall, are they yours too?
The picture was taken at the taxidermist's shop where I am having a half-mount done on my bear. The taxidermist is in the picture getting ready to hook the cable to the leg in order to winch the bear up in the air for skinning.
I do have three bucks on the wall and a fourth on the way that is at the taxidermist right now from this past gun season.
Two bow kill bucks and two gun kill bucks....and with this bear, the room is full! In fact with the bear half mount, sticking three feet or tad more into the room it will be tricky getting a spot where she can come out that far into the room without being in the way!?
I only wish I could have gotten a better picture of the bear like most people have, where its on the ground and with bow etc.
But at 9:30pm and having to load the bear into the truck with a tractor with front end loader, we didnt feel like getting it back out for a picture and then load it again. This was early September and warm, so we wanted to get it to the taxidermist asap and skinned so that the meat would be ok.
I had heard that the quicker that hide gets off a bear, the better the meat will be. And by the way the meat is great!
In fact, if I didnt tell anyone I doubt they would think anything of it that they were eating bear and not beef!
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That will be one sweet mount.
I can't wait till I retire from the Army so i can do some serious hunting.....
I don't have anything on my walls except for some fish and a couple of birds.

I would love to get me a bear one day.
How are you gonna have him mounted?
I bet bears are a pretty penny to get done.....But it will definately look awesome.
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