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I know this is kind of off topic but I have to share an experience I had today with my niece. Today was opening morning of the Missouri youth turkey season. I took my niece along with my step dad. Neither one has any prior turkey hunting experiance. Well we got into the woods well before daylight and got to an area where there has traditionally been quite a few gobblers. As dawn approached we heard a couple on the roost gobbling away. My niece got so excited, the smile on her face was worth getting up ay 04:00. We set up and I started calling, a fly down cackle and a few soft yelps. The big old boy double gobbled. He started coming in. You should have seen my nieces reaction when she saw the bird. She started shaking so bad that she couldn't hold her shotgun still. She was having the rush. I told her that, that feeling is what hunting is all about. That old bird didn't come in he locked up about 75 yards out but I explained to her that it was still a successfull hunt. She agreed. I also appologized to her for not bringing my decoys as if I had had them out that old boy probably would have come in. All in all it was a great experience and now can't wait to take my son in a few years. I think I have created a turkey hunting addict.
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